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Weight Loss Wednesday: Final week of Weight Loss Guru

Hi everyone,

Well, I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but there’s a good reason for that. Actually, three good reasons for that. We spent the last week in Oklahoma City, where my husband was undergoing a training session for his work. And then I got hired for my first law firm job. And then my daughter started kindergarten. We both embarked on our new “jobs” on Monday.

So I must confess that weight loss has not been at the top of my to-do list. On the other hand, Pete Cohen‘s plan does travel well. I did find plenty of offerings at the hotel breakfast buffet that suited the Weight Loss Guru plan. And I did stay active. My daughter and I swam for nearly 3 hours each day–no joke. So I guess while I can’t say I was actively dieting, I was at least subconsciously sticking to the major tenets of the plan.

I think this is what is called a lifestyle change, rather than a diet plan. It’s pretty much a part of life now.

I’m finished with my lessons on the plan, and so I won’t be blogging about it every week any more. But I can say that I have learned a great deal and lost some weight on the plan. My relationship with food has changed. I am more thoughtful about my choices.

I would definitely recommend this plan to any one if you are looking for a long-term, life-altering plan. Do not choose this plan if you need or want a quick fix. Don’t choose it if you don’t go online much–it’s strictly online-based. Even skipping a day of the videos can set you back a bit.

I hope you’ve found my reviews of the plan helpful. Thanks to Bookieboo and Pete Cohen for giving me this opportunity!


Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3 on Weight Loss Guru

Hi everyone, this is my next-to-last week on the Weight Loss Guru plan, which was provided to me for a free trial by Pete Cohen. I just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress.

Since starting the plan, I’ve lost five pounds. So that’s really good, especially since I have had many planned “cheats” during this month. August is birthday month in our family, and hardly a week goes by without some kind of celebration.

On the other hand, I haven’t been doing very well with some aspects of the plan. I’m crummy when it comes to journaling. I admit it. I hate having to document every bite and taste. I’m working on exercising, but when the temperature is in the 100s, it’s hard to stay motivated.

On the plus side, I have really enjoyed the positive self-talk that this plan gives me. Pete’s approach is very laid-back and supportive, so I never feel bad when I get off-track. Instead, I stay motivated to continue pushing forward.

Looking forward to all the lessons to come in my last week on the plan!

Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3 on the WeightLossGuru Plan

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Week 3 of the Weight Loss Guru plan. As you know, I received a free trial membership to the plan so that I could post my experiences and feedback.

Basically, I’ve noticed that the program material is presented in a very methodical fashion. Once you start your 21 days on the program, you can’t really skip ahead. You watch each day’s lesson and then wait for an email that unlocks your access to the next day. This keeps you focused on the day’s lesson–such as journaling–and does not allow you to complete several lessons in a day. I appreciate this, because we should learn the process–but as one who likes to work ahead, I sometimes find this element frustrating.

The recipes and meal plans are excellent, and kudos to Pete Cohen for including dinner party menus for those who want to entertain while dining. I’ve never seen another diet plan offer that kind of support! It helps take the stigma–or at least the isolation–out of dieting.

I won’t weigh in this week because, well, it was my birthday and I indulged a bit more than I should. But I am back on track and ready for a new week. 🙂

Weight Loss Wednesday: An Update on the WeightLossGuru Plan

Hi everyone! As I mentioned last week, I had an opportunity to try Pete Cohen‘s weight loss program, weightlossguru. I’ll be sharing my experiences on the plan with you over the coming weeks, as I see what works for me and what doesn’t.

This week, I lagged a bit behind to start. And if you lag behind, you get very politely worded emails from the program manager, encouraging you to sign in. I’ve been on programs that send reminders out before, and they seem really nagging or condescending. But these emails were pretty much to the point and, as I said, quite polite. The end result was that I actually logged on, rather than deciding to ignore them or send them to spam.

Each lesson on the plan has a 10 minute web-based lecture from Pete about losing weight. And if that sounds boring, rest assured that it’s actually not. Pete has an engaging, daffy personality–very British-type goofy–that makes these sessions fun to watch.

The first lesson was on the importance of keeping a food journal. I must admit I do very poorly at this with any diet plan. I write for a living–so writing anything “extra” feels like a waste of time. But this is an important behavioral weight loss tool, and since Pete’s program focuses on changing behavior, it’s crucial to his plan.

The second lesson is all about the  proper tools for weight loss–all 9 of them. These are all common sense behaviors we should engage in anyway, such as drinking enough water and cutting back on sugar and stimulants. Seeing these all spelled out reminded me that this program is all about a sensible approach to weight loss.

And the third lesson, which was as far as I’ve gotten, is coming to my inbox tomorrow. Pete paces you on the journey so that you can dive into all of the lessons at once. It’s hard for me to hold back, because I want all the information quickly, BUT it is also another clue as to just how this program emphasizes slow changes. I’m enjoying it, and I’ll give you another update on Weight Loss Wednesday next week!

Manic Monday: A New Diet? We’ll See…

Good morning, everyone! It’s a rather rough Monday for me. We spent the weekend traveling and visiting my husband’s grandfather, who is hospitalized. And my daughter had a tough night last night. So…this morning I have this overarching feeling of fatigue. I’m actually letting my daughter sleep in so we don’t have to rush. This entire weekend has been a rush, and we all need some time to recover from it.

When I got home from the hospital yesterday, I had a message in my inbox. I had, along with several other bloggers, been chosen to try out Pete Cohen‘s new diet program (or programme, as the Brits say). This is pretty exciting, as I am running low on Medifast supplies and have been getting burned out on what I have left. There’s only so much of the dreadful Peach Iced Tea that I can choke down….and I usually *love* Peach Iced Tea.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

So, before I order more Medifast, I decided to give Pete’s program, weightlossguru, a try. I watched the introductory video last night, and that’s as far as I was able to get before it was time to get my daughter ready for bed.

Here’s what I like so far:

1. It’s all web-based. No driving to meetings, no meeting with anyone, and yet there’s a strong web-based support community you can interact with when you have questions.

2. Pete is a good coach–unassuming, calm, and positive. I don’t like coaches who are in your face all the time.

3. The program emphasizes long-term, healthy lifestyle changes.

4. It’s only 28 days long. That’s a commitment I can stick to.

5. It’s British. As an Anglophile, I love this. LOL

So once a week, I will blog about my thoughts on the program. I’m not sure it will replace my beloved Medifast, but I do think the positive habits Pete encourages will help me over the long term, and not just for 28 days.