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Manic Monday: Where’d You Go, Lily?

I took a hiatus from blogging, but the hiatus was taken without any planning on my part. To be specific, it was a forced hiatus. By which I mean outside force conspired to make blogging go kaput.

On the plus side, I got a job at a law firm. I have been working on my paralegal certification for the past year, so this was the natural culmination of that goal. I’d love to stay at home and write, but writing takes time. Royalties show up but twice a year; advances come at the whim of an editor. Most of my writing friends have day jobs. Plus there is a feeling of needing something to “fall back on.” My grandfather, who grew up during the Depression, felt that everyone should be certified in some profession. He always preached the benefit of having both a real estate license and a teaching certificate. But I figured that lawsuits are evergreen–this is a profession that will never die, and hence, the paralegal certification.

The problem is that I am having to adjust to life in a cubicle farm, and my family is having to adjust with me. After years of being a work at home mom, I am finding myself at the beck and call of another entity away from my daughter and husband. Our Internet at work is blocked by a firewall; my cell phone gets zero reception at my desk. So the friendly days of writing and chatting with friends, or checking in throughout the day with my husband, are now restricted to a few moments’ break, taken when I can have 10 minutes outside.

This also means that my family is having to adjust to me not being home all the time. As a consequence, I am not home to take care of little errands, school meetings, pet care, and housecleaning. You can only imagine the chaos that has ensued. My husband has done an admirable job of stepping up and handling the bulk of the errands and school appointments. But really, nothing can compare to having one person home during the day to handle the running of a household. This is a huge adjustment for me to handle, because I feel a gnawing sense of guilt when I see a pile of unfolded laundry, a stack of dishes, or an unswept floor.

I’ve been having to get used to someone else’s time table; the often petty and small-minded conversation of my colleagues (which cube life seems to foster) and the stress of commuting during traffic. None of this is new; none of this is special to anyone reading this blog; but when you’ve been at home for 6 years, it’s the equivalent of being dropped down a rabbit hole.

The problem is that most of this took place during a month in which my second book was released. I did more social media for The Temporary Betrothal than I ever did for Captain of Her Heart, but even that was, I am sure, not enough. I can’t help it. I hate book-flogging. I am no saleswoman; I am a writer. Poor Harriet! Poor Sophie! I will write your adventures, but I just can’t endlessly tweet about them.

On the plus side, the job is steady, the house will get clean, the stress will even out, and the writing will continue. As I type this blog, it’s actually Saturday morning. My daughter’s dogs are wrestling on the floor, my coffee is cooling beside me, and my daughter is still sleeping. My husband is taking his morning shower; soon we’ll get to spend the day together as a family. Working outside the home has taught me to make use of the moments I have and thus, my blogging will continue after this brief hiatus. There’s just too many cute modest dresses to swoon over, and too many Frugal Fridays to blog about!


Manic Monday: What I Wore–Floral Shirt & Jeans (Cute kid alert!)

I haven’t posted a What I Wore post in a while, for a few reasons:

a.) my husband was out of town for a week, and he’s my photographer;

b.) in the mornings, when I am kitted out as a paralegal, I am in too much of a rush to worry about photos;

c.) it’s HOT here. Even if you wear makeup, it melts & sweats away in a few moments.

BUT–my husband is back, and he took the time to work on a new braid for my hair while we watched the Equestrian events on the Olympics (my favorite sport).You may think it odd that my husband does my hair, but he really only tackles the braids, which I don’t have the patience or the coordination to handle. And since he’s an engineer and also knows how to tie knots for sailing, he’s very precise when it comes to braids. So…there you have it.

I wanted to show off my hairstyle, and my daughter wanted to show her outfit, which she put together herself:

On me: Thrifted Calvin Klein Jeans, garage sale-d Gap jacket, Jones New York floral shirt from $7 Dillard’s, and flip-flops from a fellow Freecycler. The whole outfit cost about $13.

Frankly, my daughter’s outfit is cuter.

This photo reminds me that I need to get back on the proper eating train. I’ve been stressed at school lately and the bloat is proof of that. Also, forgive the lack of makeup…like I said, it’s hot! My hair is styled in the Boho Nape Knot, which I learned from Franny’s Blog–an invaluable resource for any woman with long hair.

I don’t usually wear prints of any kind, so this floral shirt was a departure. I loved the feel of the fabric and decided to give it a go. But now…I’m not so sure. I think I am more of a solid girl. What do you think?

I promise I will post pictures of me in my workday attire soon…but on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is tug on a pair of hose. In the meantime, it’s casual all the way, baby!

Manic Monday: A New Diet? We’ll See…

Good morning, everyone! It’s a rather rough Monday for me. We spent the weekend traveling and visiting my husband’s grandfather, who is hospitalized. And my daughter had a tough night last night. So…this morning I have this overarching feeling of fatigue. I’m actually letting my daughter sleep in so we don’t have to rush. This entire weekend has been a rush, and we all need some time to recover from it.

When I got home from the hospital yesterday, I had a message in my inbox. I had, along with several other bloggers, been chosen to try out Pete Cohen‘s new diet program (or programme, as the Brits say). This is pretty exciting, as I am running low on Medifast supplies and have been getting burned out on what I have left. There’s only so much of the dreadful Peach Iced Tea that I can choke down….and I usually *love* Peach Iced Tea.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

So, before I order more Medifast, I decided to give Pete’s program, weightlossguru, a try. I watched the introductory video last night, and that’s as far as I was able to get before it was time to get my daughter ready for bed.

Here’s what I like so far:

1. It’s all web-based. No driving to meetings, no meeting with anyone, and yet there’s a strong web-based support community you can interact with when you have questions.

2. Pete is a good coach–unassuming, calm, and positive. I don’t like coaches who are in your face all the time.

3. The program emphasizes long-term, healthy lifestyle changes.

4. It’s only 28 days long. That’s a commitment I can stick to.

5. It’s British. As an Anglophile, I love this. LOL

So once a week, I will blog about my thoughts on the program. I’m not sure it will replace my beloved Medifast, but I do think the positive habits Pete encourages will help me over the long term, and not just for 28 days.