Brides of Waterloo Series

Sleepy Tansley Village, set in the heart of Derbyshire, has seen its share of tragedies and triumphs over the years. The first of these romances are chronicled in The Brides of Waterloo series, following the lives of the two Handley sisters, Harriet and Sophie, and their dear friend Lucy Williams. Each of these intrpid young ladies falls in love with veterans who have returned from Waterloo, scarred both in body and in mind. Can true love overcome all their differences?

Captain of Her Heart, the first of the Brides of Waterloo series, is now on sale. BUY NOW

The Temporary Betrothal, the second book in the Brides of Waterloo series, in now on sale.  BUY NOW

The Governess and the Soldier, the third and final book in the Brides of Waterloo series, will soon have a release date!


2 thoughts on “Brides of Waterloo Series

  1. Just finished Healing a Soldier’s Heart — actually I reread the first two as well thoroughly enjoyed the books and I would love to see more books about either the heroes or widows of waterloo

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Lucy’s story! I do have another series coming out in 2014, also set in Tansley Village during the Regency. Stay tuned for updates.

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