Release Day for Healing the Soldier’s Heart!

Yay, it’s finally here! Release day for Healing the Soldier’s Heart!


As you know, this is my third and final installment of the Brides of Waterloo series. This book is all about Sophie’s best friend Lucy Williams, who works as a governess for Lord Bradbury’s two daughters. Lucy is one of those people who has lived by he wits all her life. She had to, for she was orphaned when she was very young. By sheer intelligence and determination, she has made a life for herself from nothing. And at the same time, she expects very little from life. After all, romance is for women of means. She cannot afford to dream.

Lucy meets Ensign James Rowland through Sophie and her fiance, Captain Cantrill. Rowland also served at Waterloo, and though he was not gravely injured in the battle, his soul is scarred forever. One moment of cowardice on the battlefield has cost him the gift of speech, and he struggles in a meaningless, friendless existence. His quick temper masks a man in torment. And only Lucy’s sweet, impulsive friendship can bring him out of his shell.

I really loved writing this book–maybe it’s that it’s the third in my series, but I felt I knew the characters so well. They became old, dear friends. You can join my Goodreads giveaway to get your own free copy, or comment below for a chance to win an autographed bundle of all the August 2013 LIH releases! US residents only, please.


4 thoughts on “Release Day for Healing the Soldier’s Heart!

  1. At the end of “Healing the Soldier’s Heart”, you posed the question about
    whether the reader would prefer stories about ordinary people or lords & ladies.
    For me, I would enjoy more stories about ordinary people and the challenges they
    faced in that era. I particularly liked that James’ stutter didn’t magically
    disappear either, since that seemed more realistic. I truly enjoyed your story, and look forward to your next novel

  2. As Cindy mentioned above…
    Q. More books about regular folks like the Handleys or landed gentry?

    A. Regular folks!!!

    There! You have my answer briefly. 🙂

    The longer version would state that I love the American historical books and I endure the English ones with their birth rank and endless social protocol. I could relate to your Lucy from Healing the Soldier’s Heart who due to her simple birth was relegated to the sidelines of society. I could also relate to her feelings of rebellion towards the status quo.

    Oddly enough, I am a history nut and my geneology can be traced back to royalty…first the British royalty and then, around the world. However, I tend to revere my American pilgrim/pioneer ancestors far more for all they did to build up this land from nothing.

    And, on the flip-side of that same coin, (wrongly or not), I blame much of what was or is WRONG with America, things like the stain of the immoral bartering of humans–the slave trade–on the 2nd-born sons of the English gentry who started plantations here. In your book, you hinted at other things they were often guilty of such a being slow to pay and the hyprocrasy of philandering ‘with young blonds’ while at the same time demanding a governess be above reproach…just to name a few.

    Admittedly, I have a chip-on-my shoulder. Yet, I do hope that you will tell more stories about orphans or, the story of the wealthy shop-keeper’s daughter who needs to find a title but longs to be loved and so on. 🙂

    Best wishes!

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