Naturally FunTents and Tales 2013–For the Win!


So the reason I have been gone for a few weeks is simple: I’ve been finishing my latest book, which will be published by Love Inspired Historical in 2014. This book was way more difficult to write that my previous three because I had to start all over with new characters. A new series means building a new world, and while I still set the story in Tansley Village, I had to come up with each character’s personality quirks, their likes and dislikes, even the color of their eyes and hair. I had to think of names, people, which is one of the things I find hardest to do.


Movie time!

So, anyway, I was working on finishing the book. And when I am in the throes of a deadline, it falls to my husband to entertain our daughter. Since I am now an official Naturally Fun blogger for the City of Arlington, we turned to the program guide to see what cool things were on the horizon that would allow my husband and daughter some fun together time while allowing me some much needed writing time.First up—Tents and Tales in River Legacy Park. This was held just two weeks ago, which if you will recall, was unusually and unseasonably cold here. I kept one eye on my laptop and one eye on the Weather Channel, expecting to tell Zach that we’d just have to back out. But I guess I don’t understand the thrall of camping because not only did they go, but there was a huge turnout. Now, full disclosure: they didn’t stay out all night. Olivia is still pretty young for camping out overnight and the weather was really cold. But on the plus side, Tents and Tales was geared specifically for kids and families; if you needed to leave early, no problem.

Staying warm and having fun!

Staying warm and having fun!

My daughter and husband had a blast, and already have planned to return next year. My daughter got to have the full camping experience: story time (with the famous Mr. Bob from the Central Library), roasting marshmallows, watching Madagascar 3 on the big screen, and eating hot dogs. Zach really liked how there were just enough activities spaced far enough apart that kids were kept entertained, but there was neither a rush to finish nor too much of a lull.

Since we got Zach a new tent for his birthday, he was only too eager to try out his new camping gear. But I was impressed by the fact that they offered tents for rent onsite. So, if you wanted to try camping but didn’t want to shell out money for a tent that you might never use again, you could still try it out. And the entrance fee was really affordable at $10/person. Not too shabby when you get an entire evening’s worth of snacks, dinner, and entertainment.


Daddy daughter time!

Bottom line: Tents and Tales at River Legacy gets two thumbs up from both Zach and Olivia.

And I give it my own thumbs up for allowing me to finish writing Chapter Twenty-Two in peace and quiet.

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