Mamavation Monday: Last Post as a Finalist

This week was my last week of hazing as a Mamavation Mom finalist. I’ve been following all the workouts since December 10, when I submitted my application video. So this has been over a month of working out almost every day–and some really intense stuff I’ve never tried. I never knew a burpee before I started boot camp, but now I do them every day.

This was also the week that I got sick. I went to the doctor with a headache that would not go away. I figured I had a sinus infection. Well–I did. AND I had the flu. Two shots, some antibiotic and Tamiflu later, and I am passed out on the couch at home. The next day I took Liv to the doctor because I wanted to make sure she didn’t test positive for the flu. She’d been complaining of a headache too.

Well, she didn’t test positive for the flu.

She tested positive for strep throat.

So we stayed home the entire week, passed out on our twin leather couches watching every Pixar movie that has ever been made. And yet–I still kept up with the hazing. This was the first time I’ve ever worked out while sick. I barely work out when I am well. I had to do burpees very slowly and I could only manage girly pushups but I didn’t give up–not once, in this last week of hazing.

I also had the support of my fellow finalists and other Sistas. Every few hours, I’d get a tweet of support and it gave me that boost to swim through the Tamiflu fog and try just one more set of “feet of fire.” Even if they were more like “feet of tiny sparklers” this was a real difference and a complete change from how I would have handled illness in the past.

I just want to say, I am so in awe of my fellow finalists. I cannot believe I am included with them–they do so much, while I am still just managing baby steps.

I am trying to be very Zen about tomorrow’s twitter party. I feel that, whether I am chosen or not, I still will be taking the active steps I need to keep me and my family fit and healthy with Mamavation’s support. So while it would be awesome to be chosen, I’m not going to quit if I’m not–if that makes sense.

OK, aside from being sick and exercising, one other big change took place this week–we tried raw dairy. There is a farm near Fort Worth that specializes in raw dairy and we gave it a try. I’ve never been big into drinking milk and neither does Liv, but my husband does and he loves it. Grocery store milk has always given me the willies and I think it tastes awful–the raw milk tastes more like I think milk *should* taste.

I’d post pictures, but honestly, I am so flippin’ tired and weak. Y’all just imagine dairy cows with pink sparkly glitter surrounding them, ‘K?


5 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Last Post as a Finalist

  1. I am SO proud of you! It was so inspiring that you did hazing WITH the flu!! You are one strong mama!!! Dairy cows with pink sparkly glitter surrounding them? Now THAT is a picture I would LOVE to see!! No matter the results tonight we are all still in this together!!! No one is ALLOWED to give up! Feeling so blessed to be going through this with you!!

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