Frugal Friday: Buying Less in 2013

I’ve been frugal by necessity my whole life. I learned the art of thrifting at an early age because without thirft stores, I wouldn’t have had clothes. Seriously.

But over time, thrifting has moved beyond the place of necessity in my life. It’s become a lifestyle and a form of entertainment. My husband and I have talked it over, and if we became millionaires, we would still shop the thrift stores. In fact, we’d go on a thrifting odyssey across all 50 states, using an RV for transportation.

Ahem. Yes, we are *that* serious about thrifting.

But there is a downside to thrifting, and that is this: the accumulation of too much stuff.

Take Disney VHS movies, for example. We decided, when our daughter was 2, that we would begin buying all the Disney movies we could find on VHS. After all, they go “back to the vault” after so many years, and our kid might miss out!

And we did get a lot of them. But here’s what we found. Our daughter only likes to watch a few movies over and over again. We were hoarding a ton of VHS movies that she didn’t care about. “Alice in Wonderland”–too freaky. “Sword in the Stone”–a boy’s movie. “Pete’s Dragon”–too long and talky, talkier than we remembered from our own childhoods. So I ended up clearing out the stash and gave away a garbage bag FULL of VHS movies on Freecycle. We kept the favorites and anything that we hadn’t watched in two years we gave away.

Granted, the total cost of that garbage bag of movies was probably less than $20. But we moved most of them from North Carolina to Texas. We kept them in a drawer for 4 years. They were taking up way more than $20 worth of room.

So while I will never stop thrifting, my goal for Frugal Fridays is to buy less stuff. Even if I spend more money to have a higher quality but fewer quantities of items. Let’s separate the wheat from the chaff in 2013–whaddya say?


One thought on “Frugal Friday: Buying Less in 2013

  1. We have a BOX full of VHS Disney tapes. When I started reading your post I immediately thought “I will give all of these VHS tapes to you!” I will send you a list of what we have – and you are welcome to selectively choose to take whichever ones you want.

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