Writing Wednesday: New Year, New Series

So, I was shopping in Target just before Christmas when I received an email from my agent, Melissa Jeglinski. Love Inspired had accepted my proposal for a new series, and would I please call her back?

Um, is a frog’s bum waterproof? Of course I’d call her back.

And I did, right in the middle of Christmas shopping chaos at Target.

What a way to end 2012 and start the new year–a new series for a new year.

This new series is centered on the Siddons sisters. (Try saying that line 3 times fast!) Susannah, the eldest, is the heroine of my first novel in the series. Her sisters, Becky and Nan, make an appearance but then the second novel is devoted to Becky. Both books are set in the Regency period and both are set in the same village that played such a large role in my first books–Tansley, in Derbyshire.

Tansley is a real place, although I’ve never visited it. When I originally planned out my first book, Captain of Her Heart, I picked Tansley off of a map because of its close proximity to Matlock Bath, which also played a role in the book. But over time, Tansley has come to mean much more to me and to my characters. I think of it as a place for new beginnings. Perhaps 2013 can be the year I visit Tansley in person, and soak up the atmosphere to add a little extra dash of authenticity to my writing.

For most of 2013 my time will be occupied with the Siddons of Tansley Village, and I hope you will join me on the journey. I’ll try to blog, as time permits, about how the writing process works and about how you can map out your own novel.

May 2013 bring you and yours many blessings! Happy New Year!


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