Mamavation Monday: Addiction Memoir

Hi, my name is Lily George, and I would like to state here and now these two crucial things:

First, that I despise drinking water.

And second, that I love drinking Diet Coke.

I come by my habit honestly. Growing up, I watched as my mother drank Tab. Later, her habit morphed to Diet Coke. I could tell when she was awake in the mornings not by the smell of coffee brewing but by the sound of a can being popped open. It was her relaxation drink in the evenings. When our family was particularly poor, and ate only potatoes for a stretch of about nine months, her Coke habit continued unabated.

And yes, she struggled with obesity, still does. Almost everyone in my family is prone to obesity.

I didn’t like Diet Coke growing up, I liked regular Coke–but only every now and then. In high school, when I was already thin, I switched to Diet Coke to appear ladylike. Real Coke was for boys, who could afford to gain weight. Over time, Diet Coke became my crutch, and my constant no matter what diet I tried–because it was always a “safe food” no matter what diet I chose.

Diet Coke also had the allure of being a treat. Bubbly, sweet, and not forbidden–it was better than diet chocolates, which always give me, ahem, bathroom issues.

So it was rather a shock to me when I found out that Diet Coke is verboten to Mamavation Moms. It went down like this. Leah (@bookieboo) had mentioned the need to stop drinking calories. I agreed, and mentioned that I only drink water, coffee, and the occasional Diet Coke.

Not. Good.

Leah said:
@LilyGeorge2 diet coke makes you fatter. No joke. #mamavation

Followed immediately by:
@LilyGeorge2 Doood, you are supposed to have ALREADY quit. Looks like ur gonna have to do that today. #mamavation

And then:
@LilyGeorge2 That’s like a #Mamavation Mom rule for applications. I really should add that to the application page. #mamavation

Dunh Dunh Dunnnnnh.

Mamavation is the first dietary plan I’ve tried where I really have to stop and think about what I am eating or drinking. I am used to being told what I can have and what I can’t according to Weight Watchers or Atkins or Medifast, but I really never had to learn why. Just tell me what I can eat and can’t eat and I will lose the weight without a second thought.

But then, of course, when I go off the diet, I eat just like I always have, so I gain the weight back.

So, maybe it pays to think about what I eat or drink?

As Gru would say, “Light. Buuuuuuulb.”

Leah’s posts made me wonder why Diet Coke is so bad, which led to me reading up on some troubling studies showing the link between diet sodas and obesity.

Since Leah’s posts, I have given up the Diet Coke, replacing it with tea and with coffee–I am NOT giving up my caffeine except during pregnancies, LOL. I think 2013 will be the first year that I go without Diet Coke or any other soda, for that matter. Not a bad way to start the New Year, eh?

Will you support and encourage me in this goal? If so, simply tweet the following message:

Hey, @bookieboo! I want @lilygeorge2 to be the next #Mamavation Mom. She has my support! And she’s giving up Diet Coke!


13 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Addiction Memoir

  1. You can do it, Lily! I gave up all soda last year. There are times in the afternoon when I think I need a diet coke, but I replace it with something else, like ice water with lemon, lime or orange. If you feel like you need the carbonation, try plain bubble water. You can buy it in 2-liter bottles at the grocery store and keep it in the fridge for when you need it.
    Go, girl!

  2. You got this! I gave up pop a long time ago and after the two weeks of worst migraine ever I never went back. The thought of those two horrible weeks kept me from ever drinking more than the occasional pop when at a place I’m a afraid of their water and/or they don’t offer unsweetened tea. The craving will get better! Good Luck!

  3. You can totally do this girl, soda is so awful for you, especially the diet ones. I’m sure you’ve already looked up enough crazy stuff to see what’s in them and what they do to your body, but if you need more links lemme know! πŸ™‚ And you know what? After a while of giving it up, it won’t even taste good anymore if you do slip up. Your health is totally worth the pain of the separation!!

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