Sample Sunday: The Temporary Betrothal

I had the most fun writing the “improper proposal” scenes between Sophie and Lord Bradbury for my second novel, “The Temporary Betrothal.” Sophie is caught between her need to maintain her position as seamstress in his lordship’s household, but her own natural spirit and her own ingrained moralty make his proposal absolutely repulsive to her. How is she to react, especially since she loves Charlie Cantrill?

I had to rein her spirit and spunk in and concentrate instead on the cold and sick feeling of dread that engulfs her when Lord Bradbury offers to make her his mistress. And, with Sophie’s uncanny knack of frankly eyeing each situation she faces, it seemed only natural that she would hesitate and weigh the pros and cons of being a mistress.

He half led, half carried her back out to the carriage, under the frank appraisal of the coachman and footmen. Sophie burned with shame from her head to her feet.

Inside the carriage, Lord Bradbury tucked her up beside him, stroking her curls and murmuring words in a soft undertone. But she couldn’t hear him. She couldn’t see anything. All she saw was Charlie Cantrill, his ashen face and stooped shoulders when she bade him goodbye.


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