Mamavation Monday: Agave Syrup and the Subject of Consistency

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. I saw a recipe that I wanted to try, and this is how I spent my Saturday afternoon. The recipe is for Chocolate Pretzel & Cherry Popcorn Balls, and I saw it in the newspaper when I was having a break at work. What intrigued me about this recipe was the use of agave syrup instead of corn syrup. I’ve never seen a popcorn ball recipe that didn’t include corn syrup, and so I stopped making them years ago.

I went to Target and found all the recipe supplies there, except chocolate covered pretzels. I’m serious. Target had agave syrup and dried cherries, but no flippin’ chocolate pretzels. So I used regular pretzels and bittersweet chocolate chips.

My result:

Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart! LOL

The  next time I do these, I will chop everything up finer and dip my hands in the cold water between making each ball. I think they’ll stick together better that way. As it was, everything tasted awesome, but the presentation was lacking. Not a recipe fail, but a foodie lookie fail.

You might be able to tell that my husband made inroads already into the baking sheet. The thing about these popcorn balls is that you cannot OD on them. They are too rich. One or two is plenty. I really liked the taste of the agave syrup, too. Very subtle. I will definitely try this recipe again.

The recipe called for me to stir the peanut butter and agave syrup together for the right consistency. Evenness. Smoothness. It’s a concept that is sorely lacking in my life, particularly when it comes to weight loss. I’ll go at something 110% and then I binge on something else. I see the problem in all areas of my life. If my life were made of peanut butter and agave syrup, some parts would by chunky, some smooth, and some scorched. I need to turn down the burner, gently stir things with a wooden spoon, and let things simmer, don’t I?

Do you have any advice for keeping consistency in my life?


5 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Agave Syrup and the Subject of Consistency

  1. Hi Lily, Just keep on keeping on, you’ve got this! When you feel a binge coming on, head on over to #Mamavation for some love, support and maybe a little pep talk from your sistas! Are you signed up for the #BobHarperLive 2 week challenge?

  2. I have been going thru this a lot lately in my life – my problem is that I go full force and then get burnt out… So what I’ve learned (From the help of some friends) is I need to take things slow. Instead of jumping out of bed running, I need to stretch – I need to walk, then I need to run. see what I mean?
    This helps bring consistency in my life. Also being disciplined in certain areas, 1 at a time. Set yourself a goal – accomplish it, and move on the next (keeping up with the original). IT takes 21 days to break a habit! So do your goals 1 at a time, and eventually you will be where you want to be.
    If you ever need any motivation or encouragement, shoot me a line! I’ll be there! @Krissy_r on Twitter, or find me on FB! ❤

  3. For me, consistency is simply in the way I go about the day – and I have about 30 calendars to attempt to keep me in check. But, I do most of the same things around the same time every day, and that helps. Getting into the habit helps me the most.

  4. I don’t have advice, but I can definitely relate. I run hot and cold when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. I am dying to find some consistency!

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