Frugal Friday: Thriftindipity

Sometimes, I know that I just need to go thrifting. It can be a feeling that is triggered by not having thrifted in some time. It can be triggered even after several days of thrifting. I just know, by the pricking o’ me thumbs, that something amazing is awaiting me at a thrift store. And I have to go, until that feeling is satisfied.

The awesomeness can be something big, like the time I was literally pulled over to an authentic Hermes scarf.

The awesomeness can be something small but significant, like the time I was stuck with my writing career and a shelf of Grace Livingston Hill books beckoned to me like a beacon.

The need to thrift washed over me last week, when I was reading Sarah‘s blog Wearing It On My Sleeves, which is one of my favorite modest fashion blogs. She posted a blog about the nifty household treasures she’s found while thrifting. And just like that, I remembered how much I love finding unique things for my home…and I just knew something was out there waiting.

So on the pretense of needing new boots, and possibly finding a few new-to-me maxi skirts, I went to Arlington Resale.

And there they were. All three of them.


This is all I could fit of the pantsuit on the scanner…trust me, her shoes are fab.

My favorite of the bunch.

This one is my daughter’s favorite.

These are honest to goodness, pencil and pen and ink fashion drawings from the 1970s. I nearly swooned when I saw them. They were hanging up next to the dressing rooms, and at first I thought they were just repros. Then I saw they were real. And as the black dots swirled before my eyes from a thrift-induced swoon, I grabbed them off the walls, hugged them to my chest, and took off for the cash register, boots and skirts forgotten.

And when I got them home, I popped the frames open. The drawings, which were cut unevenly out of their mat boards with an unwary x-acto knife, were ads for Kassab’s Department Store in Joplin, MO.

And now…they’re mine! Thriftindipity!


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