Mamavation Monday: Trying Out My Curves

So this past Friday, I headed over to the Black Rooster Bakery in Fort Worth for lunch. It’s only a few minutes from my office, the food is excellent, and the atmosphere is so calming. After the week I had, I really, really needed a calm and soothing and fancy lunch.

But after I finished my ham and butter sandwich (and before you condemn me, let me just say it was AWESOME and you shouldn’t knock it til you try it) I was wandering around feeling half satisfied and half guilty. Satisguilt. That comes of being away from the office and doing something nice for myself BUT also knowing that I spent extra money and ate food that I wasn’t supposed to. And that’s when I noticed that a Curves gym had just opened next door to the bakery. Cue the celestial music–I found what I want to do on my lunch break.

I used to go to Curves before my daughter was born, but I switched to the YMCA afterwards because they offer child care. Then I stopped going to the Y for many reasons (it’s next to the stadium and almost impossible to get to or leave some days, there’s a few old men who like to leer, etc etc). I thought about finding a park to walk at but it just seemed too weird and even dangerous to go alone. But Curves is perfect for my needs now. It’s quick to get to and leave, quick to work out in, and no leering old men. And I don’t need child care at the gym any more.

Here’s something nice I can do for myself. It gets me out of the office and gets my blood moving. I get to talk to other people (not cube lifers). And it’s a safe and motivating place to exercise. I am so excited to start today!


2 thoughts on “Mamavation Monday: Trying Out My Curves

  1. Oh look at you being resourceful!!!! Way to go. Can’t wait to see how next week goes. You are going to feel so much better.

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