Weight Loss Wednesday: Cubicle Life Is Hard on the Diet

Since starting my new job, I found myself gaining weight again. I fell off my Medifast wagon–hard–and for about 2 weeks I was pretty much stress eating whatever I wanted. While I was in school, I resisted the temptation to cheat by avoiding the break room and the foods people brought to share with the class. Later, as my goal became apparent to my classmates, they cheered me on and went out of their way to show support.

In fact, on my birthday, my classmates gifted me with a beautiful miniature rose bush instead of the usual homemade cupcakes–and I was so touched that a) they remembered my special day and b) they were considerate enough to respect my diet.

Fast forward to cube life, where, just as in school, temptation abounds. The break room has a vending machine with Zingers in it, people. Zingers are my favorite junk food EVER, especially the vanilla kind with vanilla icing. The law firm is situated on the west side of Fort Worth, which abounds in restaurants, bakeries, and tea rooms. In fact, the law firm shares a parking lot with a barbecue restaurant that smells heavenly at all times of day, and then the other side of the firm backs up to a Whataburger. Seriously, the level of temptation is so high, it’s like when I used to go to the Weight Watchers meetings in Arlington, and the Weight Watchers was between a Chinese takeout and a donut shop. It was like–you’re kidding, right?

Anyway, stress eating and also feeling like I “deserved” treats took its toll. Sitting in a cube all day also made me HUNGRY. Like, I just ran a marathon after starving for a week hungry. My back started killing me from sitting, too. I was hunched over my keyboard all day, hoping none of my cube mates could hear my tummy growling, and then I would devour anything delicious and full of empty calories at any moment.

I got back on track this week because I ordered a new shipment of Medifast. When I get down to the same old shakes and the soups, it’s hard to stay motivated. This time, I ordered the cinnamon pretzels, the caramel nut maintenance bars (which I love so much I will still eat them as my go-to chocolate bar, even after I reach my goal) and the new cereal. Wonderful. I also, unlike most bloggers, really like the oatmeal and since I can prepare oatmeal really quickly in the break room (they have that spigot on the coffee maker that spits out hot water) I can resist the temptation of the vending machine.

I also started doing Pilates again, and it was amazing how quickly my back pain responded. I should just know that I will need to do Pilates every day for the rest of my life. My body needs it like water or sunlight or air. I started doing Pilates a few years ago when we were living in North Carolina; I was scared to start classes because I was afraid it would be a lot of superfit, superchic stay at home moms in matching velour tracksuits.

To my surprise, I was the youngest one in my class–by decades. Not that I was any better than the women in the class–many of them could turn into pretzels whereas I could not yet manage a decent roll-up–but there was a wonderful sense of acceptance and support in the room. And the instructor was flat-out amazing. I was an instant convert to Pilates and I should just know that it will be a major part of my life forever.

I feel much more “me” being back in the saddle with my diet and exercise. I’m still not accustomed to sitting at a desk all day, but it’s amazing how much more in control I feel once I adhere to my usual routine.


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