Weight Loss Wednesday: Final week of Weight Loss Guru

Hi everyone,

Well, I haven’t blogged in a couple of days but there’s a good reason for that. Actually, three good reasons for that. We spent the last week in Oklahoma City, where my husband was undergoing a training session for his work. And then I got hired for my first law firm job. And then my daughter started kindergarten. We both embarked on our new “jobs” on Monday.

So I must confess that weight loss has not been at the top of my to-do list. On the other hand, Pete Cohen‘s plan does travel well. I did find plenty of offerings at the hotel breakfast buffet that suited the Weight Loss Guru plan. And I did stay active. My daughter and I swam for nearly 3 hours each day–no joke. So I guess while I can’t say I was actively dieting, I was at least subconsciously sticking to the major tenets of the plan.

I think this is what is called a lifestyle change, rather than a diet plan. It’s pretty much a part of life now.

I’m finished with my lessons on the plan, and so I won’t be blogging about it every week any more. But I can say that I have learned a great deal and lost some weight on the plan. My relationship with food has changed. I am more thoughtful about my choices.

I would definitely recommend this plan to any one if you are looking for a long-term, life-altering plan. Do not choose this plan if you need or want a quick fix. Don’t choose it if you don’t go online much–it’s strictly online-based. Even skipping a day of the videos can set you back a bit.

I hope you’ve found my reviews of the plan helpful. Thanks to Bookieboo and Pete Cohen for giving me this opportunity!


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