Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3 on Weight Loss Guru

Hi everyone, this is my next-to-last week on the Weight Loss Guru plan, which was provided to me for a free trial by Pete Cohen. I just wanted to give you a quick update on my progress.

Since starting the plan, I’ve lost five pounds. So that’s really good, especially since I have had many planned “cheats” during this month. August is birthday month in our family, and hardly a week goes by without some kind of celebration.

On the other hand, I haven’t been doing very well with some aspects of the plan. I’m crummy when it comes to journaling. I admit it. I hate having to document every bite and taste. I’m working on exercising, but when the temperature is in the 100s, it’s hard to stay motivated.

On the plus side, I have really enjoyed the positive self-talk that this plan gives me. Pete’s approach is very laid-back and supportive, so I never feel bad when I get off-track. Instead, I stay motivated to continue pushing forward.

Looking forward to all the lessons to come in my last week on the plan!


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