Weight Loss Wednesday: Week 3 on the WeightLossGuru Plan

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on Week 3 of the Weight Loss Guru plan. As you know, I received a free trial membership to the plan so that I could post my experiences and feedback.

Basically, I’ve noticed that the program material is presented in a very methodical fashion. Once you start your 21 days on the program, you can’t really skip ahead. You watch each day’s lesson and then wait for an email that unlocks your access to the next day. This keeps you focused on the day’s lesson–such as journaling–and does not allow you to complete several lessons in a day. I appreciate this, because we should learn the process–but as one who likes to work ahead, I sometimes find this element frustrating.

The recipes and meal plans are excellent, and kudos to Pete Cohen for including dinner party menus for those who want to entertain while dining. I’ve never seen another diet plan offer that kind of support! It helps take the stigma–or at least the isolation–out of dieting.

I won’t weigh in this week because, well, it was my birthday and I indulged a bit more than I should. But I am back on track and ready for a new week. 🙂


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