Manic Monday: What I Wore–Floral Shirt & Jeans (Cute kid alert!)

I haven’t posted a What I Wore post in a while, for a few reasons:

a.) my husband was out of town for a week, and he’s my photographer;

b.) in the mornings, when I am kitted out as a paralegal, I am in too much of a rush to worry about photos;

c.) it’s HOT here. Even if you wear makeup, it melts & sweats away in a few moments.

BUT–my husband is back, and he took the time to work on a new braid for my hair while we watched the Equestrian events on the Olympics (my favorite sport).You may think it odd that my husband does my hair, but he really only tackles the braids, which I don’t have the patience or the coordination to handle. And since he’s an engineer and also knows how to tie knots for sailing, he’s very precise when it comes to braids. So…there you have it.

I wanted to show off my hairstyle, and my daughter wanted to show her outfit, which she put together herself:

On me: Thrifted Calvin Klein Jeans, garage sale-d Gap jacket, Jones New York floral shirt from $7 Dillard’s, and flip-flops from a fellow Freecycler. The whole outfit cost about $13.

Frankly, my daughter’s outfit is cuter.

This photo reminds me that I need to get back on the proper eating train. I’ve been stressed at school lately and the bloat is proof of that. Also, forgive the lack of makeup…like I said, it’s hot! My hair is styled in the Boho Nape Knot, which I learned from Franny’s Blog–an invaluable resource for any woman with long hair.

I don’t usually wear prints of any kind, so this floral shirt was a departure. I loved the feel of the fabric and decided to give it a go. But now…I’m not so sure. I think I am more of a solid girl. What do you think?

I promise I will post pictures of me in my workday attire soon…but on the weekends, the last thing I want to do is tug on a pair of hose. In the meantime, it’s casual all the way, baby!


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