Manic Monday: A New Diet? We’ll See…

Good morning, everyone! It’s a rather rough Monday for me. We spent the weekend traveling and visiting my husband’s grandfather, who is hospitalized. And my daughter had a tough night last night. So…this morning I have this overarching feeling of fatigue. I’m actually letting my daughter sleep in so we don’t have to rush. This entire weekend has been a rush, and we all need some time to recover from it.

When I got home from the hospital yesterday, I had a message in my inbox. I had, along with several other bloggers, been chosen to try out Pete Cohen‘s new diet program (or programme, as the Brits say). This is pretty exciting, as I am running low on Medifast supplies and have been getting burned out on what I have left. There’s only so much of the dreadful Peach Iced Tea that I can choke down….and I usually *love* Peach Iced Tea.

Image courtesy of Creative Commons.

So, before I order more Medifast, I decided to give Pete’s program, weightlossguru, a try. I watched the introductory video last night, and that’s as far as I was able to get before it was time to get my daughter ready for bed.

Here’s what I like so far:

1. It’s all web-based. No driving to meetings, no meeting with anyone, and yet there’s a strong web-based support community you can interact with when you have questions.

2. Pete is a good coach–unassuming, calm, and positive. I don’t like coaches who are in your face all the time.

3. The program emphasizes long-term, healthy lifestyle changes.

4. It’s only 28 days long. That’s a commitment I can stick to.

5. It’s British. As an Anglophile, I love this. LOL

So once a week, I will blog about my thoughts on the program. I’m not sure it will replace my beloved Medifast, but I do think the positive habits Pete encourages will help me over the long term, and not just for 28 days.


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