Off My Game

This week was a difficult one, as I mentioned in earlier blogs. My husband was out of town all week and everything was thrown off just that extra bit. You know, how you’re suddenly running five minutes behind for everything?

Or the car starts making a funny noise when you brake?

Or your right eye develops a twitch that won’t stop?

That’s how my week has been.

I think the most telling part about this week is that when I am under extreme stress, my eating plan goes right out the window. I have been eating so much junk, I am embarrassed to ‘fess up.

It’s not that I dislike being on Medifast. When I am on Medifast and I stick with it like I should, amazing things happen. My nails grow. I fall asleep naturally. I lose weight. It’s astonishing, really.

But take today. I work all day in the War Room, which is as you can imagine a stressful place. And it’s also the place where all the paralegals gather to eat. And today was someone’s birthday.

We started with Rice Krispies squares, and moved on to pizza. Someone brought in these gorgeous fudge brownies with cream cheese icing. I finally said no to those.

But then I came home and snacked on chocolate chip cookies because I was worn out and wanted a sugar rush. See the problem?

It’s time to get back on the wagon. My husband’s flight was delayed due to bad weather, so he won’t be home until tomorrow afternoon. When he finally gets home, a lot of things will improve. We’ll see if my right eye finally relaxes.And I need to buy some fresh Medifast foods to boost my variety. I’m down to a lot of soup, which is almost impossible to eat in 107 degree weather.



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