What I Wore: The First Post Ev-ah

I really like looking at other people’s What I Wore (WIW) posts. I follow a number of fashion bloggers, some geared towards modest fashion and some not, and this is always my favorite kind of post. I love seeing how real women put outfits together. I mean, any model in a fashion magazine can look awesome. They have everything to their advantage–airbrushing, designer clothing, perfect lighting, a professional photographer. Who wouldn’t look great?

But what really inspires me is seeing how ordinary women create extraordinary outfits out of what they have in their closets. Especially women who love to thrift like me. But I have always avoided doing these posts on my own because…gasp…I hate having my picture taken.

Full disclosure: I gained a lot of weight last year following a miscarriage. But I have been on Medifast for the past few months and I’ve lost 25 pounds. I still have a lot to go, but I am finally at a stage where seeing my own picture doesn’t make me gasp in horror. Plus, this is a good way to document my weight loss progress.

And so, I give you my very first WIW posting–the Sunday edition. This is what I wore to church today.

Dress: DKNY (From the Dillard’s Clearance Center at Six Flags Mall)

Leggings: Motherhood Maternity (Left over from pregnancy days, so comfy I hate to give them up)

Flats: Gianni Binni (from Dillard’s Clearance Center)

Belt: NY & CO. (Thrifted)

LOL–my daughter raced in front of the camera, and that made me laugh just as my husband snapped the shot.

I love this dress. It has pockets, an elastic waist band, and pretty sleeves. It’s also below the knee length, so I feel comfortable wearing it without tights. But since our church is usually ice-cold during the summer, I needed the extra warmth leggings provide. Plus, you can machine wash this dress–no dry cleaning needed. The Dillard’s Clearance Center is a great place for scooping up new clothes at a huge discount. I bought this dress there for $13 a few years ago. It had no belt so I added my own for definition. We call it the “Seven Dollar Dillard’s” because a friend of mine bought a prom dress for her daughter for $7. Some people call it “Dirty Dillard’s” and given its location–it’s an apt description. But I am more concerned with prices than ambiance, so I love shopping there.

So…there you have it. My first WIW post. I love modest fashion and will get used to posting pics of my outfits. LOL Be kind as I develop my tough skin!



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